Decorate Tissue Box Ideas: 18 Interesting DIY Techniques

Decorate Tissue Box Ideas: 18 Interesting DIY Techniques

Are you tired of your plain, boring tissue box on your countertop? Do you find yourself sneezing in style and sophistication? Look no further because we’ve got the ultimate tissue box decorating ideas that will make your boogers feel like royalty.

This article has all the tips and tricks to turn that mundane tissue box into a show-stopping centerpiece for your home. Say goodbye to bland tissues and hello to a whole new world of snot-catching elegance. So grab your glue gun and get ready to make those sniffles sparkle with our fabulous tissue box décor ideas! 

Decorate Tissue Box Ideas

Using various techniques, you can transform your plain tissue boxes into stunning decor pieces.

Try decoupaging with your favorite patterns, painting them to match your room’s color scheme, or adding a touch of elegance with metallic finishes.

If you prefer a softer look, consider covering boxes with wrapping paper or fabric to seamlessly integrate them into your decor.

1. Decoupage

Decorate Tissue Box Ideas

With decoupage, transforming a plain tissue box into a visually appealing decor piece is simple and allows endless creative expression. This craft involves layering paper cutouts onto your tissue box, enabling you to decorate with anything from vintage patterns to modern graphics.

Plus, it’s quite easy to pick up. All you need are your chosen papers, some glue, and a bit of imagination to start turning that ordinary tissue box into a delightful highlight in your home.

2. Painting

Decorate Tissue Box Ideas

Often, painting your tissue box can instantly elevate its look, adding a burst of color and a touch of personal flair to any room.

Acrylic paints are perfect for this task. They offer easy coverage and a quick drying time. Don’t hesitate to try different painting techniques, such as stenciling for precision, splatter painting for a playful effect, or an ombre look for a trendy gradient. Spray paint is an excellent choice if you aim for a uniform and glossy finish.

3. Metallics

Decorate Tissue Box Ideas

Adding a touch of elegance to your tissue box, consider using metallic paints or foils for a luxurious finish. You can elevate your home decor by applying shiny gold, silver, or bronze tones that reflect light beautifully.

Try stenciling geometric patterns or abstract designs using these metallic accents for a sophisticated look. Pair these metallic elements with neutral shades to keep things classy, or go bold with vibrant colors for a stunning contrast.

4. Wrapping Paper

Decorate Tissue Box Ideas

If you’re looking for a simpler yet equally stylish way to enhance your tissue boxes, consider using wrapping paper for a colorful transformation. Wrapping paper isn’t just for gifts; it’s perfect for DIY tissue box crafts.

You can choose from countless patterns and colors to perfectly match your decor. It’s a budget-friendly way to decorate, allowing you to switch up designs as often as you like to fit different themes or seasonal changes.

5. Fabric Cover

Decorate Tissue Box Ideas

You can easily personalize your room’s decor by creating a fabric cover for your tissue box. First, measure and cut the fabric to fit snugly around your tissue box. Choose a fabric that complements your room or offers a bold pop of pattern to elevate your decor. Secure the fabric with glue, tape, or sewing, ensuring a neat finish.

You can switch fabrics for different seasons or occasions, keeping your decor fresh and exciting.

6. Patches

Decorate Tissue Box Ideas

Discover the world of patches and turn your regular tissue boxes into vibrant and personalized decor. Whether celebrating a special occasion, embracing a season, or just adding fun, themed patches can make each box unique. This DIY project is not only budget-friendly but also a fun activity for crafters of any skill level. 

Get creative with patches and experiment with different designs and textures to create unique decorations. This is your chance to showcase your creativity and add a personal touch to the often-overlooked tissue box. Enjoy transforming these everyday items into eye-catching pieces!

7. Knit or Crochet

Decorate Tissue Box Ideas

Knitting or crocheting a cover for your tissue box lets you add a cozy, personal flair to any room. You can choose yarn in colors and textures that complement your existing decor.

With endless patterns available, you can find one that fits your skill level and style preferences. Don’t forget to personalize your creation with embellishments like buttons, ribbons, or tassels. These small additions make a big impact, turning a basic tissue box into a delightful highlight of your home’s aesthetic.

8. Mosaic

Decorate Tissue Box Ideas

Creating a mosaic design on your tissue box presents an opportunity to incorporate vibrant, intricate art into your space.

Select small pieces of colored glass or tile and align them to form geometric patterns or abstract designs. This creative process transforms a plain tissue box into a piece of functional art that catches the eye.

9. Beads and Rhinestones

Decorate Tissue Box Ideas

Adding beads and rhinestones to your tissue box can elevate its appearance, giving it a glamorous and personalized touch. These embellishments are versatile and allow for deep customization that reflects your style.

You can arrange the beads and rhinestones in unique patterns or designs that catch the eye. Whether you prefer subtle elegance or bold statements, the variety of sizes, shapes, and colors available makes it easy to create something truly special.

10. Lace and Ribbons

Decorate Tissue Box Ideas

After exploring the sparkle of beads and rhinestones, consider the refined elegance of lace and ribbons to further beautify your tissue box.

Lace adds a delicate and vintage charm, transforming an ordinary box into a piece of romantic decor. You can wrap the box with lace, overlaying patterns that resonate with a bygone era. Complement this with ribbons—tie them around the box or create elegant bows on the corners.

11. Fabric Quilting

Decorate Tissue Box Ideas

Transforming your ordinary tissue box into an eye-catching decorative piece is easy with fabric quilting techniques. By stitching together various fabric pieces, you can create unique designs that add both texture and visual interest to your tissue box covers. 

Whether you prefer sewing by hand or using a machine, fabric quilting offers numerous possibilities to enhance your home’s ambiance. So, grab your favorite fabrics and start quilting to make your tissue box stand out in any room.

12. Photo Frame Box

Decorate Tissue Box Ideas

While exploring fabric quilting for tissue boxes, consider also turning your tissue box into a stylish photo frame to display cherished memories.

  • Cover the box with decorative paper or fabric that complements your room’s décor.
  • Next, carefully cut out a window on one side of the box. Make sure it’s the perfect size to showcase your favorite photo.
  • Then, add various embellishments around the window, such as ribbons, beads, or stickers, to create a more personalized look.
  • Place your photo frame tissue box on a shelf, desk, or mantel to add a unique and personal touch to any space.

It’s a simple way to keep your loved ones in sight and spruce up your surroundings.

13. Chalkboard Paint

Decorate Tissue Box Ideas

Apply chalkboard paint to transform your tissue box into a dynamic message board. This DIY approach turns your ordinary tissue box into a reusable and customizable surface.

You can write daily reminders, inspirational quotes, or fun messages that brighten your space. Chalkboard paint provides a matte black finish, creating a perfect contrast with vibrant chalk colors. It’s easy to apply, dries fast, and is incredibly budget-friendly.

Themed Decoration Ideas for Tissue Boxes

When thinking about themed decorations for tissue boxes, consider tapping into the beauty of nature or the nostalgic allure of a vintage look.

Bring a rustic charm to your room or delight children with a craft theme tailored just for them.

Remember about the seasonal themes, which can change with the holidays and offer a refreshing update to your home decor.

14. Nature Inspired

Decorate Tissue Box Ideas

Decorate your tissue boxes with motifs like blooming flowers, cascading leaves, or playful woodland creatures to transform them into celebrations of nature.

Consider using materials like burlap or twine to add texture and reinforce the rustic vibe. This approach not only beautifies your space but also brings the calming essence of nature indoors.

15. Vintage Look

Decorate Tissue Box Ideas

Capture the elegance of bygone days by decorating your tissue box with vintage-inspired designs.

You can achieve a vintage look by using a decoupage to apply antique imagery or lace to the box’s surface. Consider incorporating fabric scraps with muted colors to wrap around the box, adding layers of aged textures that evoke a sense of history.

Distress the edges of the box or add faux aged labels to enhance the antique feel for a more pronounced effect. This approach transforms a simple tissue box into a decorative piece that tells a story.

16. Rustic Charm

Decorate Tissue Box Ideas

Embrace rustic charm in your tissue box decor by incorporating elements like burlap, twine, and wooden accents. These natural materials enhance the aesthetic and bring your space a warm, earthy feel.

Try wrapping a tissue box with burlap and securing it with twine for a simple yet effective look. Adding wood accents like small logs or driftwood can amplify the rustic vibe.

For a touch of vintage aesthetic, consider hand-painting the box with distressed finishes in earthy tones like browns and greens. Don’t forget to embellish with details like faux leather patches or metal elements, which add depth and character to your rustic-themed tissue box.

17. Kids’ Craft Theme

Decorate Tissue Box Ideas

Transform tissue boxes into vibrant works of art! With a range of themes like superheroes and princesses, kids can create personalized and fun decorations. Dive into the exciting world of kid’s craft themes and let your imagination run wild with colorful designs.

Using non-toxic paints, stickers, and various embellishments, each crafting session becomes a joyous learning experience. To spark creativity, choose from exciting themes like outer space or animals.

Encouraging your little ones to personalize their decorations allows them to express their unique style and take pride in their artistic creations.

18. Seasonal Themes

Decorate Tissue Box Ideas

Dive into crafting seasonal tissue box decorations to add a festive touch to your home.

Imagine turning a simple tissue box into a spooky Halloween fireplace with miniature logs and flickering paper flames. Or, celebrate Independence Day by crafting a 4th of July lantern, lighting up your space with patriotic flair.

These tissue box crafts are fun and a unique way to engage the whole family in DIY decor. So, grab your glue gun and let your creativity take the lead!


Now, you’re all set to transform those plain tissue boxes into stunning decor pieces! Whether you decoupage, quilt, or embellish with beads and ribbons, you’ll add a personal touch that brightens your space.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different themes and materials. Let your creativity flow, and watch how a simple tissue box turns into a delightful expression of your style.

Dive in, have fun, and make each box a little masterpiece!

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