Lip Lipstick Embroidered Patch- Longancraft



Type: iron on

Lip Lipstick Embroidered Patch, a fun and quirky addition to your accessories. This unique patch features a vibrant lipstick design, adding a touch of flair to your style. Crafted with meticulous embroidery, it ensures both durability and charm. Ideal for those looking to express their love for makeup or add a playful element to their outfits, this patch offers a creative way to personalize your look. Enhance your fashion statement with the Lip Lipstick Embroidered Patch, perfect for fashionistas and makeup enthusiasts alike. Purchase now to inject a dose of fun and style into your wardrobe.


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Lip Lipstick Embroidered Patch
Lip Lipstick Embroidered Patch- Longancraft