Flag Rhinestone Glitter Patches- Longancraft


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Size: 3.1*2.1 inch

Type: iron on

Enhance your projects with our dazzling Flag Rhinestone Glitter Patches, meticulously designed to add a touch of glamour and patriotism. Crafted with precision, these patches boast intricate details, vibrant colors, and a shimmering finish that will make your creations stand out.

Our Flag Rhinestone Glitter Patches are perfect for various craft projects, apparel embellishments, and DIY creations. Each patch is carefully made with high-quality materials, ensuring durability and long-lasting sparkle. Whether you’re a fashion enthusiast, a crafter, or simply want to add a unique touch to your clothing, these patches are the perfect choice.

With a wide range of designs to choose from, including classic flags and creative interpretations, you can express your style and creativity effortlessly. Mix and match different patches to create personalized accessories, clothing items, and more.

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Flag Rhinestone Glitter Patches
Flag Rhinestone Glitter Patches- Longancraft